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Hear it from Crazy Daisy herself..

"For nearly 25 years, I have had my heart and soul in the business of retail. I began my adventure in high school, working for a corporate apparel chain. In 2005, my two best friends and I opened our very own women's apparel and accessory boutique the day after Thanksgiving. The store was called, Bella's. In Spring 2013, life happened and my two besties went on to focus on other life goals. Nonethelesss, I decided to take this opportunity to change the name to The Hotpink Daisy..( a boutique name I had dreamt about since I was in high school). That same year, we opened our men's apparel store, Chrome.. (hence, This past year, The Hotpink Daisy was able to exercise a separate passion, by attending our first trade show in Wichita KS. Refurbishing furniture, going junking and making something beautiful from raw, antique materials is a true passion we share with all of our customers.The Hotpink Daisy girls had such an overflowing response from our trade show experience, we have now launched a new side business called "Traveling HPD".


"Our goal was to create a place that would become the favorite for people of all ages and sizes. We wanted The Hotpink Daisy to be the first place you thought of if you were needing a girls day out, had some birthday money in your pocket or if you were needing something special for a certain occasion. Most importantly, we wanted our store to provide staple items you could build your wardrobe from. We wanted to be able to keep our prices down but offer great quality. We have worked extremely hard and have spent many hours researching new lines and products that would be unique and wouldn't be found at every store in town. We are called to give our customers QUALITY..WITH EVERY PURCHASE. We are always looking for something new and welcome any suggestions a customer may have. We truly love all of our customers and strive to make every individual feel welcome and leave excited, as well as confident in themselves. After all, our motto is "We want others to be envy the confidence of the women (and men) we dress."

"We are also known to be the risk-takers. We have flown premium designers down to our store for weekend trunk shows and fashion show events, appeared in our hometown Elks Rodeo Parade as the first ever boutique float, and was just featured on Discover Oklahoma, a show that was aired on a CNN affliate."

"Fast forward to 2017 - My two eldest daughters now on the other side of the industry as they manage half of the brands that are best sellers in my store all the way from Los Angeles. They travel the country and research and develop the latest trends in the fashion industry, keeping us small town folk in Northwest Oklahoma with the HOTTEST styles. We are always bringing new products to the store, including my own handmade jewelry line, Yesterday's Grace. "

"We have been named Best Women's Wear numerous times by the community of Woodward. Stay tuned for The Hotpink Daisy to be featured on the Small Business Campaign brochure for the state of Oklahoma."

As we are celebrating our 12 Year Anniversary, The Hotpink Daisy has to make known that we absolutely could not have done it without our amazing customers and the support they have shown us throughout the years.



Crazy Daisy

---Owner of The Hotpink Daisy and Chrome